Ever notice that your thoughts are manifesting more and more as each day goes by?  No matter who you are, what religion, philosophy or none, everyone has the power to expand their wonderful qualities of manifestation.  The question is: How?  Most all Breakthroughs are based on the timeless life tools found in "Think and Grow Rich" from Napoleon Hill and "The Secret" video. Now this streamlined program shows you how to use those same techniques to change your life more easily and faster than you ever thought possible.  Click HERE to Learn the Magic of Manifestation now!  Prosperity, Health, Purpose and Happiness are easily activated at your direction!

No matter how battered you might feel, in less than an hour “You Can Heal Your Life” with Louise Hay. A breakthrough experience for everyone! Watch it more than once and you’ll actually feel the healing taking place within you that you are learning to do.

Are you too critical of yourself?  Do you have too much shame, blame, guilt and struggle in your life?  The seldom talked about Self-Punishment syndrome may be holding back the abundant flow of happiness, prosperity and love you deserve. Almost everyone can benefit from knowing the techniques in this program.

In this Healing Self-Punishment program you will discover ways to understand and heal old patterns that are not helping and replace them with new ones to empower you. Easy, dynamic and fun program amazingly resolves blocks, guiding you to your own personal breakthroughs and discovery!  

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These are the actual techniques that millions use for fast personal and money Breakthroughs!

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If you wish for a better understanding to resolve the anger and fear you may have in your life, these wonderful programs may help you find the answers you seek.

You'll be amazed how these simple videos can get you back to the happy you again! Now you have the easy Emotional Freedom Techniques at your fingertips to take control and transform anger, fear and worry! Amazingly simple!

Even though the News Media is constantly blasting the gloom and doom of the day, take a look past the news...fake or otherwise! Explore Better Health! Suddenly you see we could actually be in a time of wonderful breakthroughs and advances in Health that almost seem like miracles on Earth right here and now!

Stroll thru this portal and you'll find some amazing up-beat Breakthrough Solutions, each made using ancient formulas with the most up-to-date scientific methods. Don't be surprised if you find just what you've been looking for!

Many are finding that no matter what's going on, you really can grab financial prosperity at the same time as spiritual wisdom. In fact, according to The Awakening Course, they actually go hand in hand.  

Even beyond the chaos in the news and divisions nearly everywhere we look, this link gives you easy steps to open a golden path on every level! Real tools to turn fears into success and pains into life-affirming intentions. Watch what happens when you tap into the unlimited power of your unconscious using the keys found in The Awakening Course. Be ready because it works!  Click HERE.

Discover this little known secret system for better wealth, health and happiness that uses amazing tools of forgiveness. If you often put others first almost to a fault, this puts you back in control of life in a balanced and grace-filled way.

Learn these easy tools to help you turn every challenge into an opportunity. Clear yourself of limiting beliefs you may not even realize you carry. Move forward with more abundance, harmony and joy no matter what's going on in life with this breakthrough approach found in Zero Limits.

Explore these unique techniques from different cultures and eras that have the power to expand your awareness in new and exciting ways.  

And no matter what your background or experience, each contains golden wisdom to lift you up for greater understanding and manifestation.

Find ancient wisdom from this 17th Century monk who reveals secrets that might hold the key to unlimited joy and wisdom, even in today’s challenging, warp-speed world.

Enter this Time Travel Portal and let the Past Lives Detectives show you their secrets!  Discover wonderful programs and techniques that anyone can use to find their Past Life Connections on their own.  Understand how this amazing info from the past can make your life better and happier right now!  Could your tattoo, birth mark or family drama be a clue to a Past Life pattern? Explore: Past Lives Lovers, Kids Past Lives, Jesus and Past Lives and more.

And you won’t believe what some Past Lives experts are saying about the “Past Lives of the Rich and Famous.”  Who were some favorite celebrities in a Past Life? Find out who was Lady Gaga, Glenn Beck, Charlie Sheen, Lindsay Lohan and others.

Transport yourself with our MUST-SEE BREAKTHROUGH MOVIES for Everyone!  You’ll be amazed how personal insights come flooding in from experiencing these films!  Some are classics while others you may have never heard of.  A few you might even find kind of goofy!

Some are in black and white and might have subtitles or come from a long gone era. You’ll find that once you relax your resistance to the style or format, each film contains almost magical powers to take you on a wonderful inner journey.  You might even stumble upon some amazing personal insights you’ve always wondered about!

Wonderful Gifts of the Year.com is your one stop shop to find unique gift ideas for anyone you are shopping for...even yourself!  

You'll find great ideas, some even off-the-wall and fantastic last minute and fast delivery gift ideas, too!  Smart Toys for the kid in all of us. Gifts of Spirit. America as the gift! Great Pet and Subscription Gift ideas. Even YOU! as the Gift.  Wonderful Gifts of the Year.com  --  Gift ideas sure to spark your imagination!

We all know that every thought, word and act has an effect on our day-to-day world.  The techniques and tips presented in this program show how easy it really is to Master the Law of Attraction and bring ourselves into greater harmony with the love, happiness and prosperity we deserve!  

Unleash your personal Laws of Attraction and discover the hidden secrets to "The Secret" beautifully revealed!  "Transformative!"  "Breakthrough results!"  "Easily showed me how to turn my negative pain into positive powerful gain. Click Here!

These simple, practical and amazing techniques help transform negative thoughts into positive outcomes.  Lots of creative ideas and easy exercises that work for even the toughest day-to-day challenges.  Just say the title a few times each day and you’ll see a difference!

Tap into the nearly unlimited power of your Mind. Now you can prove it to yourself with these easy techniques that reveal the steps to open your own golden path.

This program offers amazing tools to learn how to transform each obstacle encountered with more love, compassion and kindness even in the midst of the swirling storm. Real breakthrough techniques to manifest greater prosperity, health and wisdom. Try them and watch your answers appear!

 "Vanquish Fear & Anxiety" is a powerful program which helps anyone to quickly and easily overcome fears and phobias and puts you back in control.

Stage Fright, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Flying, Claustrophobia and all kinds of anxiety and fear are easily conquered experiencing these wonderful audio programs, available for download or CD set. Now you have the tools to overcome your fears and move forward.

As amazing as it seems, the Founding Fathers of America were fascinated by the work of Emanuel Swedenborg who wrote during the Age of Enlightenment about the direct, mystical teachings of Christ being available to all.

Some say we're in the worst of times.  Others that there is a New Economy right around the corner to bring more prosperity, peace and freedom for all!  Explore some wild ideas and up-beat possibilities as we look at the hidden trends in THE NEW ECONOMY!  

How is it possible that every day in America over 1000 people become millionaires?  Explore what makes America a millionaire making machine!  

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As you venture into this portal, ask any question and watch your answers appear! Almost like magic, you'll find thousands of answers and insights with the kind of power you may be looking for. These programs and techniques can be startling in their simplicity and strength, so it is advised to give yourself plenty of room to grasp the deepest meaning these tools provide.

Challenge the status quo, explore forgotten sciences and find truth in amazing mind-expanding videos. Heal the Pain Body and discover ways to live liberated no matter what's going on in your life. Look within and let these experiences take you on a wonderful adventure of discovery!

Unlock the secret of "The Secret" and discover the easiest method to manifest more prosperity, health and wisdom. Makes the Law of Attraction work perfectly! You are a magnet and already using inner abilities to create everything in your life. Now, you can take control consciously.  No matter what chaos or challenge you are facing right now, here are the steps to re-focus every thought and emotion to directly manifest the positive outcomes you deserve. Be ready because these tools really work!

Bonus Program

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